FIX Monitoring and Operations

FIX messaging platform is critical component of a robust electronic trading business and it needs to be proactively monitored for connectivity, software, systems and trade related issues. We recommend all clients to have systems in place for monitoring their FIX flow and identify any issues as soon as those arise.


Like all other systems, your FIX platform is going to go down or suffer from non-fatal issues at some point. And so, it is important that this critical infrastructure is pro-actively monitored so that you can solve any issues before your counter-parties start calling.

Luckily there are tools out there which can help you exactly do that, or you can build one yourself with relative ease. We have years of experience in helping clients define requirements and deploy FIX monitoring tools. We can help you buy/build one too.


We help our clients acquire or build tools which can securely administer a FIX infrastructure and tasks like adding/removing a new connection configuration, performing connection EOD or reset, changing configuration, bringing connections online/offline etc. become a joy.

Managers love these too as they can control the access to configuration by user/group and have full visibility into change history.

Operational Efficieny

Does it take long time for your Trade Support team to pin down the problems affecting an order? Is the process slow, cumbersome and/or manual?

We can help you streamline the process and build/acquire tools which can make the FIX environment maintenance easy and pain-free.

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