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At Fixnox we have over 17 years of experience training traders, programmers, support staff and even business managers how FIX is used, best practices around it, and how various flows can be streamlined.

We offer three FIX protocol courses: Universal course is conducted regularly online & in different cities around the world, while Advanced and Custom courses are conducted on demand or for single client.

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Universal FIX Training Course

This course is designed for integration engineers, programmers, trading desk support staff, system architects, business managers, and traders to learn about all aspects of FIX protocol system design, deployment, integration with trading systems, and on-going support.

Universal course is held in different cities of the Unites States, Europe, and Asia Pacific on regular basis. Please see Schedule of Training Classes page for dates, locations and registration information.

Topics covered in Universal FIX Training Course
ID Topic Duration
U1 Overview, users, asset classes and functionality 15 minutes
U2 Setting up, integration with trading systems and infrastructure design 15 minutes
U3 FIX messages, their composition, and construction rules 30 minutes
U4 Full coverage of messages and flows in FIX Transport (FIX Session Layer) 90 minutes
U5 Full coverage of Application messages and their sample flows, with special focus on trading messages 90 minutes
U6 Overview of FIX messaging products & services in the market 15 minutes
U7 FIX connectivity, message routing, security and encryption 30 minutes
U8 Comparison of FIX versions and each version's support for various asset classes 30 minutes
U9 FIX connection certification and on-boarding process 15 minutes
U10 An overview of other FIX based protocols like FIXatdl, FIXML and Transport Independence Framework 30 minutes

We encourage attendees to ask questions any time during the class, which makes our courses highly interactive and relevant to their work.

Attendees can also request Fixnox to issue Attendance Certificates after completion of the training.

Advanced FIX Training Course

This full day course is aimed at business users, integration engineers, support teams and system architects who already work with FIX on day-to-day basis and want to dig deeper into pre and post-trade functionality provided by FIX.

Advanced classes are conducted on demand or for a single client. Please contact us for more information.

Topics covered in Advanced FIX Training Course
ID Topic Duration
U5 Trading related FIX messages with sample flows (using FIX 5.0 SP2 as example) 90 minutes
PR1 Introduction to Pre-Trade messages in FIX 30 minutes
PR2 Messages and sample flows for Indication and Event Communication (IOIs, Advertisements) 30 minutes
PR3 Quotation / Negotiation in FIX, single & mass quoting in different quoting models 45 minutes
PR4 FIX for streaming Market Data 30 minutes
PR6 Exchanging Securities Reference Data over FIX 30 minutes
PT1 Introduction to Post-Trade messages in FIX 30 minutes
PT2 Allocations using FIX: Pre-allocated orders, pre-trade vs. post-trade allocations, and message flows 60 minutes
PT3 Confirmations and Affirmations over FIX 30 minutes

Custom FIX Training Courses

Often times organisations already use FIX for certain function (e.g. trading), or asset class (e.g. equities), or for certain markets but plan to expand that capability to support new functions (e.g. pre-trade, post-trade), new asset classes, or for infrastructure improvement (e.g. advanced routing in multi-market environments). This would require training on specific topics related to the project at hand.

That is where our custom courses are useful. Please contact us and we will work with you to define the agenda and identify the best method to deliver the training.

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