Fixnox designs and implements world-class FIX protocol messaging systems, infrastructure, and operations for its clients around the globe. Founded in 2012 with a mission to support standards-compliant and low latency FIX implementations, Fixnox is also involved in various projects to bring next-generation FIX products to marketplace.

This makes Fixnox primarily a consulting company specialising in implementation and operations of front office trading systems, FIX protocol based order and market data routing networks and associated business applications.

We also excel in computing/networking infrastructure and offer professional services for deployment of trading systems on in-house (e.g. OpenStack), public (e.g. AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure), or hybrid clouds.

Our Expertise

We design, implement and test FIX messaging infrastructure; build operations & support around it; create and implement onboarding and certification processes; and provide training on FIX protocol.

FIX versions and flavours

We have delivered our clients new implementations and upgrades of FIX protocol systems involving all versions from 4.0 to the latest 5.0 SP2, including numerous dialects.

FIX software:

Our consultants have hands-on experience with various commercial and open source FIX software used throughout the lifecycle of a FIX platform, including most common trade and execution management systems.

Typical Client Projects

If you are implementing a new trading platform which has FIX interface, or adding support for a new asset class over FIX, or just fine-tuning performance and latency of your existing messaging setup, talk to us. We can help you with:

  • Messaging architecture design/review for low latency and security
  • Review (and even create) FIX specifications and Rules of Engagement documents so that you stay compliant!
  • FIX specifications' best practices to support new / odd flows
  • Choosing the best and most suitable FIX connectivity - point to point or through a FIX network
  • Upgrades to FIX versions to minimise disruptions to trading
  • Supporting new markets, venues or asset classes
  • Train your technical users on FIX protocol monitoring, troubleshooting and other day-to-day trade support operations
  • Train your traders on new trade flows

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