Create and share FIX protocol specification like never before. Edit in the browser, as a team, and share right from there with your counterparties.

Identify gaps between yours and your counterparty's implementation. Search and bookmark public FIX protocol specs.

Generate production grade FIX protocol schemas to use with popular FIX engines.

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Key Features

  • Create FIX Specs: Use intuitive web interface to create and customize your FIX protocol specifications. Start from scratch, or off standard / custom templates.
  • Share Specs With Others: Connecting to new counterparty? Share your FIX Specs with privacy and full access control.
  • Public Specs: Share your FIX Specs with public with full control on lifecycle and versions. Discover and bookmark others' public specs.
  • Standards Reference: Interactively explore and search standard FIX Specs, fields, components, data types, and registered User-Defined Fields (UDFs).
  • Generate software libraries: Export your FIX specs as schema to use with popular FIX engines.
  • Import Specs: Upload and share your legacy Specs in PDF or Word format.
  • And a lot more coming in next weeks and months...

Fixtelligent Platform

Create Once. Use Many

Your specs in structured format to be used in many ways. Today you share and export, tomorrow you generate FIX schemas.

Platform. Not a Product

FIXtelligent isn't a product. But a platform on which we will build tools and services to solve your FIX connectivity headaches.

In The Cloud. Or Your Data Center

FIXtelligent works great in the cloud with secure connectivity to your data center. Some future tools can also be co-located.

Monthly Updates

New features and improvements will be added monthly. Interested to know what is on our roadmap? Contact us.

Secure and Private

FIXtelligent is designed with security and privacy as founding principles. Your data is safe with us, or when you access it over SSL.

Fanatical Support

Our support team is available to get you started with the platform. Or to address any of your questions and concerns.

Where to get it?

FIXtelligent is available at

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