FIX Infrastructure

We realise that implementing a resilient, compliant FIX infrastructure with low latency and high throughput is anything but trivial. Our consultants and engineers have years of experience helping organisations of all sizes to implement and fine tune a FIX messaging infrastructure which meets the challenges of growing business and rapidly moving markets.

We can help with:

Fine Tuning Existing Deployments

Not all FIX software are made equal, and more importantly, not all FIX deployments are optimal. We work with our clients to analyse the existing setup, identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies & redundancies, and provide recommendations how to tune the environment for speed and throughput.

New Deployments

Are you deploying a new FIX messaging platform? Whether it is your first, or a new site, we can help you plan, design and implement using technology of your choice.

Standards Compliance

Having a standards-compliant FIX interface is absolutely important to avoid operational headaches. It saves counter-parties from customisations, make onboarding new clients a breeze and keeps the trading support teams happy. The result: greater ROI.

We have helped various organisations in creating a lean FIX network, and we will be happy to help you too. Our experience in this area spans to various Exchanges in APAC region, brokers & execution venues from around the world, and smaller buy-sides.

We've also experience with various asset classes including Equities, Fixed Income, Options, Futures and FX.

Counter-party Connections

When it comes to connecting with your counter-parties, locally or internationally, there is no shortage of options and providers. Which one, or more than one, you should connect with? It all depends on factors like the counter-parties you trade with, asset classes, trade volume and other unique requirements everyone has. We can work with you to understand your requirements and recommend the best option. (We don't re-sell or partner with anyone)

New Asset Classes or Venues

Planning to connect to new execution venue, or broker using FIX?
Or starting to trade a new asset class over FIX?
Should you go all-in to begin with, or just want to test the waters first with minimal investment?

We know you have questions which we can answer. Or can guide you all the way through including definition of FIX Specifications, Rules of Engagement or other Change Documents. We can also engage with the implementation itself and work with your new venue to bring you online quickly.

FIX Version Upgrades

Nobody likes frequent software upgrades and same goes for FIX. There is even misperception in marketplace that upgrading a FIX version is as hard as launching a space rocket! It is not, and doesn't have to be. We can make the process smooth, risk-free and budget-friendly.

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