Universal FIX protocol class in Singapore on 13 December 2023

FIX Training | Singapore

This announcement is for a training which occurred in past. For a schedule of upcoming trainings, please visit this page.

We will host our full day Universal FIX protocol training class in Singapore on Wednesday, 13 December 2023.

This course is designed for business users, traders, integration engineers, support teams and system architects to learn about all aspects of FIX Protocol deployment, integration with trading systems and on-going support with practical examples and flows.

Course topics:

We cover the following topics in Universal class:

  • Overview, users, asset classes and functionality
  • Setting up, integration with trading systems and infrastructure design
  • FIX messages, their composition, and construction rules
  • Full coverage of messages and flows in FIX Transport (FIX Session Layer)
  • Full coverage of Application messages and their sample flows, with special focus on trading messages
  • Overview of FIX messaging products & services in the market
  • FIX connectivity, message routing, security and encryption
  • Comparison of FIX versions and each version's support for various asset classes
  • FIX connection certification and on-boarding process
  • An overview of other FIX based protocols like FIXatdl, FIXML and Transport Independence Framework


Venue: To be announced later
Timing: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (local time)

You can complete an online registration for this class if you already have a price quote and are ready to enrol. Please register at least 2 weeks before the class so that there is enough time to process your registration and payment.

For pricing, registration and any other queries about this training, please contact us or send us a query via our Facebook page.

A list of all planned FIX Training classes is available at Schedule of Training Classes page. Please also visit FIX Protocol Training main page for information on all training courses Fixnox offers.


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