FIXNOX designs and implements world-class FIX protocol messaging systems, infrastructure, and operations for its clients around the globe. Founded in 2012 with a mission to support standards-compliant and low latency FIX implementations, FIXNOX is also involved in various projects to bring next-generation FIX products to marketplace.

Our Expertise

We design, implement and test FIX messaging infrastructure; build operations & support around it; create and implement onboarding and certification processes; and provide training on FIX protocol.

FIX Versions and Flavours:

We have delivered our clients new implementations and upgrades of FIX protocol systems involving all versions from 4.0 to the latest 5.0 SP2, including numerous dialects.

FIX Software:

Our consultants have hands-on experience with various commercial and open source FIX software used throughout the lifecycle of a FIX platform, including most common trade and execution management systems.

Typical Client Projects

If you are implementing a new trading platform which has FIX interface, or adding support for a new asset class over FIX, or just fine-tuning performance and latency of your existing messaging setup, talk to us. We can help you with:

  • Messaging architecture design/review for low latency and security
  • Review (and even create) FIX specifications and Rules of Engagement documents so that you stay compliant!
  • FIX specifications' best practices to support new / odd flows
  • Choosing the best and most suitable FIX connectivity - point to point or through a FIX network
  • Upgrades to FIX versions to minimise disruptions to trading
  • Supporting new markets, venues or asset classes
  • Train your technical users on FIX protocol monitoring, troubleshooting and other day-to-day trade support operations
  • Train your traders on new trade flows